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GRAFF Diamonds is synonymous with the most fabulous jewels in the world. GRAFF jewellery is exceptional; the quality, the style and workmanship are the best in the world. Established in 1960 by Laurence Graff - "The King of Diamonds", Mr Graff has a passion for diamonds that began from an early age. Over the years, GRAFF has handled the world's most fabulous jewelleries and treasures. It has been said that more important gem quality diamonds have passed through the hands of Laurence Graff than any other diamantaire. Today, GRAFF, as a vertically integrated diamond company, continues to be actively involved in the jewellery production process, from sourcing the rarest diamonds to designing a new collection. In 2008, GRAFF also launched GRAFF Luxury Watch collection. With over 50 salons worldwide and corporate offices in London, New York, Hong Kong and Geneva, GRAFF is known for presenting the finest and most exceptional jewelleries in the world.