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Crystal Dragon

The iconic flying Crystal Dragon glitters and sparkles over diners at Wing Lei. Composed of 90,000 stunning crystals and 2,400 individually-blown glass lights, the shimmering dragon embodies Chinese tradition in an unconventional expression of glittering jewels. Weighing more than 300 kg., the dragon's head is a single cast of glass - an extraordinarily difficult technical feat to produce. The intricately designed body is made up of 13 sections with more than 700 meters of stainless steel netting. The dragon features four cast-glass legs, 88 glass fins and a 30 kg. cast-glass tail. Symbolizing power, strength, and good luck, the dragon was once worshipped by Chinese people to bring rain and good harvests, making it an auspicious symbol of protection and fortune. From the Han dynasty (206 BC - AD 220) onward, the dragon was adopted as a symbol for the emperor and became an emblem of imperial power.