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  1. I give my consent to Wynn Resorts (Macau) S.A. (“WRMSA”) and Wynn International Marketing, Ltd (“WIML”) to collect, process, use and store the personal data provided above for: responding to any comments or enquiries, making reservations or organizing events requested, and for marketing (including direct marketing or market research) of any Wynn Group services (including gaming, hotel, dining, spa and salon, retail, and other products or services). I authorize WRMSA and WIML to disclose such personal data to other Wynn Group companies (meaning all companies directly or indirectly controlled by Wynn Resorts, Limited), and to transfer such data to any jurisdictions, including, without limitation, the United States of America, Hong Kong, Japan and Macau. 
  2. I also give my consent to the collection, storage, using ang processing by WRMSA and WIML, and the sharing with Wynn Group’s insurers or public authorities with jurisdiction over the Wynn Group, of the following personal data (as applicable): name and other information provided in connection with my request made above, information on time spent and interactions with the Wynn Group, contact details, image, and sensitive data such as health data, all provided to a Wynn Group company and/or obtained by the Wynn Group at its resorts or other facilities operated by the Wynn Group, for purposes related to the prevention and control of epidemic diseases or other public health emergencies (classified as such by the competent Macau public authorities), which purposes can include, but shall not be limited to, risk assessment and ensuring individual or public safety and well-being. I accept that some recipients mentioned in this paragraph may be located in foreign jurisdictions (including, without limitation, the United States of America or Hong Kong) and accept the transfer of the data mentioned in this paragraph to any jurisdictions, subject to the security and confidentiality measures set out in the following paragraph
  3. WRMSA and WIML value the privacy of their customers and will have additional security measures implemented (as set out in article 16 of the Macau Data Protection Act) to keep sensitive data strictly confidential. Upon collection, any health data will be stored separately from other data, with only a small number of authorized personnel being granted tracked access to such data.  Notwithstanding the implementation of reasonable measures to protect public health, data subjects whose health data is collected will not receive a prejudicial treatment by WRMSA or WIML on the grounds of their health condition. The sharing of health data with Wynn Group’s insurers shall be subject to said insurers agreeing to comply with adequate confidentiality and security measures with respect to such Data. Wherever possible, data shared will be redacted or anonymized. 
  4. I accept that the data be kept in WRMSA and WIML’s systems or archives for a period of three (3) months (with health data being kept for a period of six (6) months), unless WRMSA or WIML need to retain the information for a longer period, for purposes provided for in the law, or unless WRMSA or WIML are required by law or by a competent public authority to retain the information for a longer period.
  5. My data can be accessed, rectified or updated (to the extent possible and commercially reasonable) or my authorization withdrawn by writing to I acknowledge that I can opt-out from receiving direct marketing at any time and without charge, and that requests for Data access/correction may be subject to payment of reasonable administration costs. I acknowledge that requests for access/correction of health data may be accomplished through a health professional of my choice, duly mandated for such purpose. I acknowledge that lack/withdrawal of consent may prevent me from accomplishing the purpose or obtaining the service for which the information is required. I accept the terms of the WRMSA’s and WIML personal data/privacy policy available at, as updated from time to time.
  6. I also confirm to be in possession of a valid consent, issued in compliance with Macau legislation, from all individuals whose personal information (if any) may be provided by me to the Wynn Group, in connection with my request, to: (i) process their personal information, and (ii) share their personal information with the Wynn Group for their processing, all for the purposes for which such information is being processed and/or shared, and in accordance with the terms set out above (as applicable). I shall promptly advise WRMSA of any changes to, or the withdrawal of, said consent.
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