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Macau's rich and varied history has left its mark on the city, with vibrant reminders of its heritage as a Chinese fishing settlement intermingled with landmarks to its past as a Portuguese outpost. Around every corner, the city's unique multicultural character invites visitors to explore and discover new facets of Macau. 

Historical Interest

Guia Fortress

At Macau’s highest point sits China’s first modern lighthouse at Guia Fortress.

Mandarin's House

The traditional Chinese-style home of Zheng Guanying features a distinctive mix of Eastern and Western features.

Mount Fortress

Mount Fortress stood for three centuries as Macau’s primary defense against pirates.

Ruins of St. Paul’s

The towering facade of the Church of Mater Dei marks the Ruins of St. Paul’s

Senado Square

Macau's town square, Senado Square feels like a Mediterranean plaza.

Temples and Churches

A-Ma Temple

The city’s oldest temple is dedicated to the goddess who gave Macau its name.


From its overlook on the Chinese coast, the Chapel once welcomed sailors seeking protection before embarking on a dangerous journey.

Chapel of St. Francis Xavier

The colorful walls of the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier hold surprising secrets.

Kun Iam Tong

The monumental Kun Iam Temple, dedicated to the goddess of mercy, holds a special attraction for history buffs.


The distinctive sunny façade of this Baroque church makes it an instantly recognizable landmark and cultural treasure.

Museums and Galleries

Grand Prix Museum

The Grand Prix Museum showcases the people and machines that made the event a world-famous spectacle.

Macao Museum

The history, legacy and future of Macau is proudly displayed at the Macao Museum.

Maritime Museum

The seafaring history and technologies of China, Portugal and Macau is celebrated at the Maritime Museum.

The Taipa Houses-Museum

Take a glimpse inside colonial life in old Macau, from home decor to Portuguese daily wear, at the Taipa Houses-Museum.

Local Attractions

Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre

The Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre is marked by a stylized bronze statue of the goddess of mercy standing on a lotus.


As the old saying goes, "He who drinks from the waters of Lilau will never forget Macau!"

Macau Tower

Stunning views of the city skyline and the Pearl River Delta await at the top of Macau Tower.


Memories of Macau's hidden history still dwell in its 'Street of Happiness'.

Rua do Cunha

The Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre is marked by a stylized bronze statue of the goddess of mercy standing on a lotus.


A history of compassion and a heritage of creativity!