In collaboration with three Michelin-starred chefs, each heralded in the Japanese culinary traditions of sushi, tempura and teppanyaki, Mizumi has created in Macau a truly authentic Japanese dining experience. From the finest ingredients fresh from Japan and the stunning interior design, to the steel yellow Dogami sculpture and elegant carpeting inspired by an antique Japanese obi, in this Michelin-starred restaurant, recipient of four stars from the Forbes Travel Guide, dining is a pleasant journey for the senses.

Founder of the Sushi Zen, a two-star Michelin restaurant established in Hokkaido in 1971, Chef Shimamiya is Japan's most revered practitioner of traditional edomae style sushi. He has been awarded the title of "Master Contemporary Craftsman", one of only two sushi chefs to ever receive this national recognition. The chef also had the opportunity to serve as cultural ambassador to US presidents Clinton and Obama in Washington D.C.

In 2006, Chef Motoyoshi launched the eponymous Tempura Motoyoshi, now considered the benchmark restaurant in Japan for fine tempura, and recipient of one Michelin star for five straight years. His unique menu is heavily influenced by the changing seasons, offering customers a diversity of flavors and textures that varies daily.

In 2013, Chef Yoshida opened Ishigaki Yoshida to great public acclaim. Receiving one Michelin star for the restaurant in 2015 cemented his status as a rising star among Japan's top teppanyaki chefs. In addition to serving exquisite sirloin and tenderloin steaks, Chef Yoshida has created several famous signature dishes, such as the scrambled eggs with sea urchin and truffles.


Japanese Perfection


Closed on Tuesdays


5:30 pm to 11:30 pm